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Broadband Wireless Applications for BGAN

BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) opens a wealth of new application opportunities and offers a global alternative to GPRS and EVDO at cost effective rates. As organizations continue to equip their mobile workers with applications for remote operations, BGAN provides a means to communicate anywhere around the world. For example:

  • Insurance Adjusters - With BGAN, a mobile insurance adjuster can send photos, video, exchange data, send and receive faxes and make voice calls.All of this helps the insurance adjuster to complete his job quicker.
  • Construction Sites - BGAN provides instant communications infrastructure at new construction sites in remote locations where no terrestrial infrastructure exists. BGAN provides a broadband Internet connection, voice and fax capabilities to streamline operations. With built-in router, wi-fi and bluetooth capabilities, BGAN can support multiple users and users who move around at the construction site.
  • Disaster Recovery - For the critical 72 hours after a disaster, BGAN is a great solution that can be provided to your key staff so that they will not be without voice and data communications and you can ensure business continuity.

The possibilities are extensive for corporations that want to streamline their business processes by providing real-time, high speed communications anywhere in the world. BGAN makes that possible!

Contact Aztech Solutions today to discuss your applications and BGAN.

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