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The online world can be a dangerous place. Every year thousands of businesses were hacked. And every year figures are increasing.And many of them won’t even know that there business are being used by cyber criminals.

Why should someone want to hack YOU?

Your computer communicates with the outside world through one of 131,000 open doors or ‘ports’. Hackers randomly scour the Internet for unprotected ports using automatic programs that allow them to relay emails, spam potential customers, or even store unlawful images or pornography…

…And the consequences of this have included bankruptcy, identity theft, loss of reputation, loss of business and even imprisonment! Don’t be another victim.

How can I protect myself?

Fields remotely scans your systems for all known vulnerabilities and exploits and provides detailed reports to help you close any security holes. Holes that cyber-criminals can exploit to gain access or control of your systems and data, or monitor your activity via the Internet.

Firewalls and anti-virus are obviously a good start, but will not fully protect you if your systems have security holes and vulnerabilities. Scanning your systems regularly using our assessment service will tell you if you have security holes - and how to fix them.

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