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VSAT - High Bandwidth Solutions

The Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) is a high bandwidth satellite network installation that provides a communications hub supporting two-way data transfer between your headquarters and remote sites. VSAT is ideal for such uses as large file transfers, multimedia applications, digital audio/video transmissions and remote LAN, WAN and Internet connectivity.

VSAT is an excellent way to connect disparate Local Area Networks, provide a video transmission path for your newsroom, or just get your remote business connected to the Internet for data and voice communications. Network Innovationís VSAT services provide variable or user-defined bandwidth and offer significant savings in airtime costs compared to many other satellite network services.

Aztech Solutions provides a suite of VSAT solutions to meet your specific requirements, including:
  • KU-Band and C-Band systems
  • Data rates from 96 Kbps to 2 Mbps
  • Flexible contract terms with the ability to modify bandwidth requirements as required
  • SCPC/DAMA - or Shared bandwidth systems
  • Committed Information Rates
  • Fixed, Quick Deploy, stabilized and portable antennas
  • Mobile solutions for vehicle mounting with auto pointing, Auto-seek systems
  • Global Coverage for both Land and Sea
  • Star and Mesh Network solutions
  • Solutions for Canada, USA, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East
  • Quality of Service and PSTN routing for VOIP services
  • Emergency backup service for disaster recovery
  • Rental programs
  • Secure VPN or encryption solutions
  • Available IP compression and acceleration services
  • Network and Traffic management including prioritization and protocol blocking
  • Integration of leading vendors including ViaSat, Comtech, iDirect, Intelsat, C-Com, Codan, SeaTel
  • Professional installation and on-going support programs

Product Details:
  • iDirect Series 5000
  • Sea Tel 4006
  • ViaSat LinkStar VSAT System
Contact us today, and find out more about Aztech Solutions VSAT products and solutions.
Mobile VSAT

To provide mobility for your VSAT solution,Aztech Solutions provides a mobile system that allows you to access the Internet or your VPN from virtually anywhere your vehicle, motor coach or trailer is parked. Our system mounts easily on top of vehicles (RVs, SUVs, Vans or any other commercial vehicle) and with a simple click the dish automatically deploys, locks on to the selected satellite and interfaces with the modem to enable service. Once locked on, you are automatically connected to the Internet at broadband speeds. Our mobile VSAT solution can be mounted on a vehicle or trailer, or it can be stored in portable cases, allowing you to easily transport and deploy it where and when necessary.

Maritime VSAT

Aztech Solutions can meet your high bandwidth demands at sea. Our stabilized, auto-pointing solutions provide you with voice and data connectivity for your offshore oil rigs, cruise ships, freighters, tankers, fishing and navy vessels. With our Maritime VSAT solutions you can count on precise, reliable uplinks and downlinks - regardless of weather or movement

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