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VSAT for WAN Communications

VSAT satellite communications are ideal for organizations that need to extend their Wide Area Network (WAN). VSAT solutions from Aztech Solutions can simplify your WAN infrastructure by providing a single solution that will operate across geographic regions. With our VSAT solutions you won't have to manage multiple telecommunications companies and wonder when they will provide connectivity to your field or remote offices. Our services provide you with cost effective and reliable communications around the globe.

Consider our VSAT solutions for requirements such as:

  • High-speed data access and VOIP connectivity for remote places not served by terrestrial infrastructure
  • Extending your WAN across a country, continent or ocean
  • Multi-casting of digital content such as digital signage
  • Emergency or oilfield mobile communications for voice and data (Internet, email, etc.)
  • Fast installation of broadband connectivity (56K to 2 Mbps)
  • Broadband communications for your vessels or yachts

Your business data is secure over our VSAT communications through our VPN and encryption options. We also employ optimization techniques which enhance communications over the satellite links so that latency does not impact your applications. Our team of experts will work with you to ensure your communications are effective for all your business applications including client-server, web-based and Citrix-based applications.

Contact Aztech Solutions to discuss your requirements today.

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