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Commercial vessels are multi-million dollar floating assets requiring effective operation and management. Aztech Solutionsís provides the satellite communications infrastructure to help you effectively manage your fleet around the world

Our solutions help you to manage the maintenance of your vessels by providing effective communications between head office and your fleet. Additionally our solutions provide integrated GPS functionality for automated tracking allowing you to poll a vessel for its location or have the vessel send regular position reports.

Product Details:
  • Iridium SAILOR SC4000
  • Skywave DMR-200
  • Thrane Capsat Manager Inmarsat C Fleet Tracking Software
  • Thrane TT-3002L Microcap Mobile Antenna - Inmarsat C
  • Thrane TT-3005M Maritime Antenna - Inmarsat C
  • Thrane TT-3022D Satellite Transceiver - Fleet Management
  • Thrane TT-3026S Mini-C
  • Thrane TT-3606C Message Satellite Terminal
  • Thrane TT-3616B EasyTrack Breakout Box

Contact us today, and find out more about Aztech Solutionsís products and solutions.

  • The SAILOR TT-3022D Inmarsat-C Fishery Transceiver offers global fleet tracking for the professional fishing industry. Comes with built-in advanced VMS functions such as GeoFencing and antenna signal blockage detection to monitor the movements and status of fishing fleets all over the world - to comply with legislation and maximize fleet efficiency.
  • The SAILOR mini-C solutions provide a built-in Vessel Monitoring System that allows event based position reporting. This means that the solution only transmits when it is truly necessary. At the same time the SAILOR mini-C provides the owner with a range of other useful applications for the technology - such as e-mail, free Enhanced Group Call reception and Inmarsat-C maritime distress
  • The SAILOR Iridium SC4000 system is designed to be cost-effective, easy to install, user-friendly and reliable. The SAILOR SC4000 Iridium terminal can be used for voice and data communication including alerts. The alert includes the identification of the vessel and its position according to the vesselís ISPS code.
  • The Skywave DMR-200L enables vessel tracking so that fleet operators can meet international legal and safety requirements. In commercial fishing, navigational or environmental weather buoy applications, use the DMR-200L to collect and relay data to maximize catch yields, aid in navigation or monitor oceanic conditions. The DMR-200L enables low total cost of ownership with its high reliability and ease of use.
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