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Aztech Solutionsí Universal Communications Adapter (UCA) brings value to your SCADA and telemetry operations by providing effective integration to satellite communications networks. The UCA interfaces with your RTUís to provide Modbus support, programmable scheduling, multiple holding registers to store files for local polling, programmable thresholds for report by exception monitoring, and the ability to make remote programming changes to RTUs.

Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

Satellite based communications for SCADA networks form a reliable alternative to traditional methods. The benefits of Aztech Solutionsís satellite based communications solutions include:

  • Portable systems with a short implementation cycle
  • Broadcast networks (multiple stations can receive a single message)
  • Very cost effective compared with land lines or radio towers
  • Highly reliable with world-wide coverage

The UCA streamlines integration of SCADA devices with satellite communications modems to ensure effective operations.

UCA Specifications

Aztech Solutions UCA is compatible with a variety of satellite modems and service providers.

Hardware Interface
RS-232 interface configured as data communications equipment. Permits direct connection to data terminal equipment. Default settings: 4800 baud, No Parity, 8 Data bits, 1 Stop bit, configured for hardware flow control of the remote RTU or data logger.

Software Interface

  • Data and/or SCADA commands sent from the host are automatically delivered to the serial port connected to the SCADA client. Hardware flow control is supported
  • Remotely configurable receive interface permitting transmission of data to the SCADA host. Capture options include, hardware flow control, configurable EOT character or a configurable timeout period
  • Remotely configurable command buffer to store SCADA commands for transmission at defined intervals to reduce or eliminate the need to poll to obtain routine reports. Configurable intervals by the minute up to 31 days
  • Can interpret Modbus data and compare to pre-defined thresholds


  • Packet structure separates SCADA data/commands from transport infrastructure data or commands
  • Remote configuration of data or command buffer, buffer dump start time, buffer dump interval
  • Supports routine and error responses including user initiated poll or a pre-programmed interval response to provide easier determination of whether incoming data was generated due to an exception or a routine report
  • Cyclical Redundancy Check field is two bytes, containing a 16-bit binary value.

For more information on the UCA, please click here to contact Aztech Solutions

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