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Transportation operations can lead to all edges of the world via land or sea. Communications can be the difference to maintaining competitive advantage, optimizing operating efficiencies and ensuring the safety of operators, vehicles, vessels and cargo. Aztech Solutions has several communication options to greatly enhance transportation operations, anywhere in the world.

Transportation Needs Communication Solutions
  • Voice communications with vehicle and vessel operators
  • GPS location tracking and position reporting
  • Route scheduling
  • Dispatching & messaging
  • Fleet management reporting
  • Vehicle operations - speed, mileage, compartment open, door unlocked, seat-belt off, trailer disconnected
  • Safety & distress signalling
  • Secure communications
  • Satellite push-to talk radio dispatching
  • GPS location tracking
  • Remote monitoring of vehicles operations
  • Voice, Email, fax and text messaging
  • Emergency distress signalling for vehicles or vessels
  • Geo-fencing solutions with alarms

Visit our Fleet Tracking, SATRAD and Vessel Monitoring sections for more information on transportation solutions

Contact us today, and arrange a meeting with our communication professionals to talk about your specific requirements.

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