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Thuraya Flexible Dual-Mode Technology

Thuraya offers quality dual-mode terminals that offer satellite and GSM connectivity. This flexibility ensures continuous and cost-effective roaming for users. Essentially, Thuraya subscribers would continue using their national land-based mobile network, but will be able to automatically switch to Thuraya satellite mode in areas that are outside the terrestrial system.

Another advantage is that outside Thuraya’s coverage area, subscribers would still have the convenience of roaming in other GSM networks areas. This combination of advanced and flexible system designs ensures reliable, global mobile services to subscribers.

Product Details:

  • Hughes HNS 7100 Thuraya Satellite Phone
  • Hughes HNS 7101 Thuraya Satellite Phone
  • SAT VDA (Sattrans)
  • Thuraya Ascom
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Thuraya currently offers blanket-to-blanket coverage to more than 110 countries in Europe, the Middle East, North and Central Africa and Central and South Asia.

Thuraya’s geo-synchronous satellite will provide border-to-border coverage to a footprint area of more than 100 nations.

Thuraya's coverage spans Europe, North and Central Africa, the Middle East, the CIS countries and South Asia.

Thuraya's services extends beyond boundaries of terrestrial networks and reach remote areas not accessible by conventional modes of mobile telecommunications.

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