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Technical Security Auditing

As a client of Aztech Solutions the security of your data and network infrastructure is our highest priority. However, because of the breadth and ever evolving nature of network/information security, we strongly advise any enterprise to have their security policies either drafted or verified through a technical security audit.

What is required?

Following initial consultation, a draft proposal is agreed and the audit can begin. A team of Fields security experts meets with your IT staff onsite and the internal assessment is conducted to show up any internal security vulnerabilities. Any source code auditing is done offsite and usually separate to the internal audit.

Following completion of the internal assessment the audit moves to the external assessment using similar techniques to penetration testing. In this way, your company’s vulnerability to external threats can be assessed.


At the end of the audit, all found security weaknesses are analyzed and our findings and recommendations are compiled and presented within a series of clear and concise reports.

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