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Any business or operation that uses computers to store information will probably agree that the value of the information far exceeds the capital costs of the equipment - but how many of us take information security seriously?

With critical digital data vulnerable to attack from both internal and external threats, it is essential to adopt a rigid network security policy and implement robust security measures throughout your company.

Our experts have experience in writing security policies and procedures which can help you maintain and manage your information security.

Information security is a broad subject, with international standards such as BS7799 and ISO/IEC17799 already in place. Our security professionals have a vast amount of experience in analysing core corporate processes, the systems behind them, and their link with network security.

However, Aztech Solutions knows that today’s enterprises can move at incredible pace, and this pace usually runs in parallel with fast moving technology. One negative effect of this is that security policies can rapidly become redundant, making it difficult for staff to keep fully informed of current best security practice.

To compliment this pace of change, Aztech Solutions has developed a continually updating eSystem that contains all the necessary security procedures, policies and systems that your business will need.

Developed by our highly experienced security professionals, the eSystem’s main advantage is that, whenever any software, hardware, process, or system changes are made to your digital infrastructure, managers can log on from an online portal and instantly update policies. This means that staff can remain informed at all times by viewing the latest versions.

Furthermore, over half of our eSystem clients have contracted Fields to manage and maintain their systems on their behalf.

We invite you to take a closer look through an online demo or consultation. Simply click ‘Request a Consultation’ below.

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