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At Aztech Solutions, we specialize in the recovery of the digital “fingerprints” left by the routine use of computers. Even erased files can be recovered and examined, ensuring that you have all the evidence available to support your investigation.

Our experts have reputation in the detection, analysis and presentation of computer evidence in the broadest range of criminal activities. These include fraud, extortion, data theft, child pornography and Internet abuse. Our solutions are specially designed for international banks, blue chip companies, law enforcement and military organizations.

It’s easy to see the benefits the digital revolution has brought to 21st century business: vast amounts of information storage; awesome processing capability; the global transfer of data and finance in the blink of an eye - all made possible by those quietly humming boxes that inhabit your office and the cables and wirelesses connecting them to the outside world.

But the flipside to all this ease and convenience is that the very same digital infrastructures we so rely on are seen as fair game to hackers and attackers, committed to exploiting the vulnerabilities of your business… with potentially disastrous results!

Aztech Solutions is motivated by one key objective -To facilitate the smooth running of your company by ensuring your private business data and mission-critical resources remain IMPENETRABLE to all but those with authorized access.

Some examples of how Fields can help:

  • Internal security of data and information - By examining the data on a network or PC hard drive, we can detect any unauthorized user access, tampering or copying of sensitive files;
  • Computer-use policies and procedures - We can assist in identifying gaps in your existing digital defences and implement robust security policies and measures to reduce the risk of any future security breach;
  • Employee Termination - From time-to-time, you may need to examine employee computers as part of your post-employment exit interviews. In such cases, we can uncover any evidence of theft or destruction of your proprietary information.

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