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Satellite Video

Satellite communications are ideal for remote video applications. To optimize and secure communications, Aztech Solutionsís provides a range of solutions that provide the following capabilities:

  • Routing for secure voice communications, VPN, IP compression and TCP acceleration
  • Multiplexing and line splitting for Inmarsat terminals
  • Integration with encryption technologies including OMNIxi and KIV-7
  • Integration of PCs with ISDN devices
  • Video conferencing tools for STE, OMNIxi, BRENT and KIV-7
  • H.320 video conferencing including waterproof systems
  • MPEG4 video conferencing software for Inmarsat
Product Details:
  • Klas MultiVideo - Satellite video conferencing
  • Klas TA - ISDN Terminal Adapter and Line Splitter
  • KlasHopper
  • KlasHopper for Inmarsat M4
  • KlasPeer2Peer
  • Livelink - Waterproof Video Communications
Contact us today, and find out more about Aztech Solutionsís products and solutions.

Aztech Solutionsís' solutions for video & data needs include:

LiveWorks - Waterproof H.320 video communications systems for Inmarsat

Klas - High speed data transmission of up to 64kbps in a compact, lightweight design for ISDN connectivity, fax, email or voice. Founded in 1990, Klas has always focussed on producing products that are easy to use and of the highest quality.

BGAN - Broadband communications for live video broadcasting with simultaneous voice capability. Portable devices the size of a laptop computer with committed data rates of up to 256Kbps

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