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ROIP or Radio Over Internet is the latest method in controlling and communicating through a remote base stations very cost effectively. Expensive or unreliable least phone lines are a thing of the past as all your radio traffic is handled via an Internet connection between remote base stations and office using any high speed broadband Internet connection (DSL or Cable Modem) and your computer.
The advantages are endless with many ways to integrate ROIP into current High Site base stations.
  • Removes cost of leased phone lines to remote bases for high yearly savings associated with monthly line and maintenance fees
  • Uses standard DSL or Cable high speed Internet service for low cost connections
  • Easy connection from multiple dispatch PC locations without the high cost of equipment and installation at each location
  • Compatible with current "Standard" tone remote controlled base stations. Your office or home PC replaces radio desk sets for dispatch
  • Interfaces with many radios for multi channel control from your PC
  • Dispatcher software installs in any PC (400mhz. or faster). Base stations may be controlled globally.

Single Remote Base Configuration

Controlling multiple remote base stations from multiple dispatch locations is now made very easy and cost effective with simple optional software upgrades. Example, control and monitor radio traffic regionally when local office is closed for the day. Allows multiple channel, cross connect, all call, audio recording of channel traffic is now possible without the high costs associated with dedicated dispatch consoles.

Multiple Remote Base Configuration

All advantages of controlling a single remote base station remains with additional features.
  • Common dispatch PC saves costs in manpower by providing a single point of control of all radio traffic form many station locations.
  • Add other ROIP controlled remote base stations can be added or deleted on the fly from dispatch position.
  • Uses one DSL connection for all connections to remote base station locations.
  • Provides instant cross connect to other radio channels or services (VHF Channel A to VHF Channel B, UHF to VHF and more!)
  • Multi base stations may be controlled from local office or regional office without confusion of wiring, switching equipment.
  • Footswitch and audio recorder optional.
  • Dispatch may be added to existing PC's or Aztech Solutions Wireless can build full turn-key packages.

Radios Compatible With ROIP Single Or Multiple Dispatch

Two methods exist for applying ROIP for your use.

  • Integrate ROIP dispatching into your existing radio base stations that currently use standard "Tone Remote" control due to ROIP Gateway unit located at each base station, emulates all standard control and keying tones to operate your base station.
  • The list is growing of radios that may be controlled serially via computer allowing full featured control of multiple channel (limited by the radio), scanning, Nextel interfacing and more from one PC. Our wireless solution provides turn-key packages including PC's, software and serially controlled radios with up to 150 channels and 100 watts. Rugged radio packages from Motorola, Kenwood, Midland offer high performance and reliability. Contact us for more info.

Basic Hardware Requirements:

  • DSL or cable modem Internet service at each dispatch and remote base station location.
  • PC's for dispatch should have Windows 2000 or XP at 400 MHz processor or higher with 256mb memory.
  • Good quality headset or microphone and speaker system at each dispatch position.
  • Gateway unit should have UPS on each site.

Contact Aztech Solutions Wireless for specific details and packages built to suit each job

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