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Radio Communications

We have one of the most experienced radio engineers in the industry. In a fast paced, growth industry like two-way radio, there is no substitute for experience. With broad capabilities in two-way radio systems and the required sub-systems, our partners has designed hundreds of communications systems.

Our experience ranges from single-site conventional radio systems to multi-site trunked configurations of all sizes, from small city to state-wide systems. Including experience in Microwave, Mobile Data, Automated Vehicle Location (AVL), Paging, 9-1-1, CAD and Communications Center design, Interoperability solutions coupled with our field experience, make us well tuned to give the most robust, well planned, functional communications system available.

Radio Communications

AZTECH SOLUTIONS has a unique combination of skills that apply directly to your project. We have an established and proven process for performing an analysis of your needs, selecting an approach from a list of alternatives, preparation of a conceptual design, and developing an opinion of probable cost for implementing the recommended system. We will develop a set of technical specifications, which will serve as the basis for an RFP. We are prepared and qualified to assist with procurement, vendor negotiations, implementation oversight, and verification of acceptance testing.

The Five Step Radio process begins with a comprehensive “Needs Assessment” followed by the “Functional Specifications”, “Procurement”, “Implementation” and “System Acceptance” process steps.

A successful Radio System Design and Implementation must be properly managed. Aztech Solutions is committed and proficient to the core processes of successful project management: project integration management, project scope management, project time management, project quality management, project communications management, project risk management, and project cost management.

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