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Small Hydropower

Small hydropower systems convert the power of running water into electricity. Small hydro systems can work with no diversion or damming of rivers, but they can provide power sufficient for remote camps, a farm, a business, or a community. They have minimal environmental impacts, produce no pollution, and are a great means of generating power in areas with streams or rivers available.

The operation of small hydro systems is very simple. Water from a stream, river or even ocean currents, flows over a turbine, moving it and powering an electric generator. There are many different turbine configurations available depending on the flow of the stream and the amount of energy output required.

We can also provde systems that harness tidal or wave energy to produce electricity. These systems little or no environmental impact while providing clean power to coastal communities.

Aztech Solutions focuses on providing portable and stationary packaged systems that can be "plugged" into place with minimal infrastructure development.

Learn more about systems using this technology, contact us.

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