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We use commercially-proven technologies for large-scale and custom-built renewable energy systems:

  • Wind farms, up to 5 megawatts.
  • Solar farms, up to 5 megawatts.
  • Continuous power fuel cells, 200 kilowatts to 2 megawatts.
  • Anaerobic digestors, up to 5 megawatts.
  • Landfill gas systems.
  • Gasification systems for manure, wood, and wastes.
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) incorporating fuel cells, gasifiers, or digestors.
  • Freeflow hydropower, 25 kilowatts to 250 kilowatts.
  • Run of the river hydropower, 15 kilowatts to 100 kilowatts.
  • Tidal and wave power systems.
  • Geothermal (ground source) heating and cooling for commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential buildings.
  • Solar water heating for large-scale commercial and industrial applications.
  • Solar heating and cooling for systems above 500 tons.

Additional custom solutions are available. Learn more about what we can do for your business or community, contact us.

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