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Why Penetration Testing?

Our service is suitable for companies of all sizes and includes:

  • Ethical hackers with over 10 years experience
  • Advice and support on implementation of security measures
  • Both onsite and offsite testing
  • Full manual and automated testing of your network
  • Remote access testing
  • Clear and understandable reports

Penetration testing is a unique approach to solving network security problems. Without a security assessment such as this or a security audit it is impossible to implement adequate security measures.

Research on computer network security shows that the organizations who spend the most on security are the ones who have already sustained breaches at a critical level. This reactionary approach taken by most businesses, especially SMBs, can prove to be a costly and timely mistake. Disgruntled employees, irritated customers and competing organizations can all do irreparable damage to your business critical systems.

Both internal and external network access pose potential security risks to your network. However, the implementation of IDS and firewalls may not protect you from both forms of attack - this is why we believe that the best approach to network security is to begin with both black box and white box penetration testing.

Steps involved in Penetration Testing

A penetration test is divided into four stages which involve the ethical hacker simulating all known techniques used in real life situations to gain unauthorized access to a target system.

  • Reconnaissance
  • Scanning and enumeration
  • Gaining and Maintaining access
  • Covering Tracks

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