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Aztech Solutions provides mobility for your VSAT data communications requirements

Vehicle Mount

For people and industries on the move, Aztech Solutions provides the ideal mobile VSAT solution for a service rig in the oil-patch, an emergency response team, an RV camped in a wilderness campsite or a trailer on the scene of breaking news. Our vehicle mount solution provides reliable, high-speed Internet access via satellite no matter where the location. The system mounts easily on top of vehicles or

transportable platforms, and with the simple click of a button the dish automatically deploys and locks on to the selected satellite.Once locked on,you are automatically connected to the Internet at broadband speeds. No phone lines, no cellular hook-ups; just instant broadband speeds at your fingertips.The robotic self-pointing platforms are available in various sizes to meet your bandwidth service and geographic requirements.

Transportable Cases

For many applications in a wide variety of industries, the need for portable VSAT connectivity is an ongoing requirement. Our Transportable Mobile Solution will satisfy your requirements for a solution that is easy to deploy and transport. Our ruggedized cases provide ample protection and ease of transportation. These systems provide auto-pointing so that the unit can be set-up and operational without the need of a technician.

Contact Aztech Solutions to discuss your mobile VSAT requirements.

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