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The evening news isn't your fathers yesteryear broadcast. Today's 24/7 cable outlets are covering stories on all four corners of the globe. Information is the new currency of a wired planet, but the news doesn't follow a wired timetable or structure. Imbedded reporters are filing stories with technology only dreamed about a decade ago. Solutions for instant broadcasting are a specialty of Aztech Solutions, utilizing our technology, onsite broadcasting can be done in the middle of nowhere. Getting the news to the demographic faster and more effectively that ever before.

Media Users Communication Solutions
  • Reporters and news crews in remote locations
  • Movie Productions on location or abroad
  • Live event coverage and sporting events
  • International news bureaus
  • Entertainment executives
  • Photographers
  • Commercial production outfits
  • Field reporting
  • Office-to-field and field-to-office
  • World desk coordination
  • Contact your employees anywhere
  • Picture Transfer
  • E-mail, paging, web access and file transfer
  • Reliable filing

Learn more about Aztech Solutions BGAN Broadband media solutions for live video broadcast and mobile news reporting.

Contact us today, and arrange a meeting with our communication professionals to talk about your specific requirements.

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