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Aztech Solutions’s' provides solutions for nautical communications and safety needs at sea. Our GPS, GMDSS, fleet tracking, vessel monitoring, messaging and communications technologies keep you and your fleet in touch and in business.

For more than 16 years, Aztech Solutions’s has served at-sea customers with extremely reliable, high-value communications services.Our expertise and commitment to customers have made us one of the world's reliability leaders

Aztech Solutions’s' solutions for nautical communications and safety needs include:

  • Capsat® Fleet-Capsat® Fleet products are the next generation of maritime satellite communication terminals and will give you 24x7 online access to any vessel anywhere in the world.
  • Capsat® GMDSS-Fully compliant with the Inmarsat CN 114 specifications and the latest IMO standards. This extremely compact and power-conserving solution is easy to install even when space is at a premium. The Thrane Dual Mode System combines GMDSS A3 area satellite compliance with the extra benefits of voice, fax and data communication facilities.
  • Ship Security Alert Systems-Fully compliant with SOLAS specifications. Protection from piracy and terrorism.
  • Inmarsat C/GPS Fishery Capsat® -The Fishery Capsat® allows you to integrate GPS tracking, position reporting, data monitoring, catch reporting, fleet-coordination, messaging, and 2-way data/fax communications.
  • Maritime Telephone-Solutions to meet all your global marine telephone and communications needs, extending coverage to almost all coastal waters, as well as high sea on the northern hemisphere.
  • Broadband at Sea (VSAT)-High bandwidth broadband Internet connectivity for seafaring vessels.
  • Vessel Monitoring & Management (Fleet Tracking)-Manage the maintenance of your vessels, automatically track locations.

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