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Launch A VoIP Business Today!

We support various business models - whether it is a prepaid, postpaid or subscription. Aztech Solutions VoIP solutions lead the way. We are the providers of one of the most complete Turnkey VoIP business solutions.

Aztech Solutions offers solutions that use simple Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA), softphones or other devices for PC to PC, PC to Phone Calls.

Are you looking for a business ITSP model like Vonage or Packet8?

Is your model prepaid, postpaid or a subscriber system with Analogue Telephone Adapters (VoIP boxes)? Do you want calling cards, softphones, pc-to-phone, pc-to-pc? Let one of our skilled VoIP Business Consultants walk you through the process of building a VoIP business today.

Who is your target market?

  • Residential
  • Call shops
  • Small bussinesses
  • Internet cafes
  • College students
  • Replacing 900 services or lowering their costs
  • Click2talk buttons for ecommerce websites
  • Companys seeking termination in your gateway locations
  • VoIP marketed via multilevel marketing companies
  • Companies willing to carry and market calling cards for you

Aztech Solutions has a solution to meet your needs

        The Voice over IP market is new and business models are only now maturing. Business Opportunities in VoIP exist for those who can choose an equipment provider, launch a business relatively quickly with appropriate billing, stability, and package offerings. As a company, choosing Aztech Solutions to develop the network and services is a relatively easy decision to make as the full functional features of a VoIP business exist in the turnkey VoIP Business Solution

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