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Small to Medium Sized Businesses Phone Solutions for the Financial Services Market

The Problem

In the highly competitive financial services marketplace, simply offering the best product is no guarantee of success. To acquire and retain customers, banks, credit unions and mortgage providers must also offer a consistently high level of prompt, friendly, personalized customer service.

As these providers grow, many find themselves grappling with legacy phone systems that can't grow with them. As a result, many of these firms expend considerable resources on third-party solutions in an effort to make outdated phone systems work. Even with these partial solutions, employees still struggle to handle greater call volumes, and customers grow increasingly frustrated as they find themselves spending more time on hold, or bouncing from agent to agent.

The IP PBX Phone System Solution

Aztech Solutions Financial Services solutions are based on VoIP technology and can unlock the hidden profit potential in your existing phone system. Our solutions turn your phone system into a sophisticated IP-based communications tool that integrates with your data network and provides features that dramatically improve call handling productivity.

Aztech Solutions Financial Services Solutions Feature:
  • An easy-to-use visual calling interface that lets employees see who's on the line and stay focused on those customers who need attention most.
  • Routing capabilities that give you the power and flexibility to answer every call live - even during peak periods - and provide preferential treatment to VIP customers.
  • PBX Software-based IP architecture that provides unlimited voicemail capacity, and makes adding new lines - and new locations - easy and inexpensive.
  • Sophisticated "find me" call routing that transparently transfers calls to specific extensions, cell phones or pagers, ensuring virtually constant contact between your employees and your most important customers.
  • Full mobility features that allow employees to leverage the complete power and functionality of the Aztech Solutions system from any phone, anywhere.
  • Ease of integration with your existing enterprise applications such as Microsoft Outlook® and Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM.

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