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IP PBX Features

It is the primary feature available with Aztech Solutionís. Auto Attendant serves as an automated receptionist that answers calls and provides a personalized massage to callers with menu options to direct their calls.

For example Press 1 for Sales or press 2 for support, etc. Auto-Attendant is simple to operate and powerful. By simply clicking on mouse you can schedule, forward, respond, manage of call flow. It also has following features.

Dial by Name:: Auto attendant allows in-bound callers to route their call to the appropriate person without knowing their extension. This feature allows for either first or last name directory look up.
Dial by Extension::In-bound callers may quickly route their call to the appropriate person if they know the correct extension number.
Dial by Group:Will allow in-bound callers to route their call directly to the auto attendant of a group or department.

Unlimited Extensions
With just few clicks of mouse you can create unlimited extensions and every extension can be customized with unlimited options like DID (direct in dialing) privacy setting, name directory by spelling, outbound caller ID, voicemail settings, etc.

Conference Calling
Our product comes with pre-configured bridge to support unlimited internal as well as external participants as per your phone lines and if you are using our network you can have virtually number of external participants.
Conferencing - Web + Audio- VoIP conferencing, users have an on-demand conference bridge and the ability to schedule conference calls or web conferencing via the Personal Communications Manager web tool, eliminating 3rd party conference vendors.
Three-way Calling-Enables a user to make a three-way call with two parties, in which all parties can communicate with each other. To initiate a three-way call while engaged in a regular two-party call, the user presses the flash hook and dials the third party. Before or after the third party answers, the user presses the flash hook and forms a three-way call with the two parties. To drop the third party, the user presses the flash hook and is reconnected with the original party in a regular two-party call. If the user hangs up, all parties are released.

Outlook Integration
It is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook! If you want to call someone from your contact list or from any email in you inbox, just right click and you phone on desk will ring and you can pick it up and call. When you get incoming call on your phone, a screen pop up will show the name of the person calling from your outlook contacts. When receiving a call, the userís Microsoft Outlook contact database is searched for a match of the callerís phone number and prompts on your screen the name and number of the caller. If you want to add new Outlook journal entries of incoming or outgoing number, users may choose to have automatically opened for incoming and/or outgoing calls.

CRM Integration
With a few simple clicks, you can make your desk phone (hard or soft) integrate with your web browser, to make your PC open browser windows for sales automation system or for ticketing in few seconds.

This feature enables users to record messages for incoming calls that are not answered within a specified number of rings, or receive busy treatment, or are transferred directly to voice mail. Aztech Solutionís comes with voicemail storage with storage capacity of XXX hours and it can be retrieved from your office phone or you can access by dialing from any remote phone or it can be attached with your email as .WAV file or you can listen thru web control panel or to the voice messaging system repository for retrieval from a phone. By accessing Voice Portal from any phone, user can listen, save, delete, pausing, skip forward or back or reply to message or can be forwarded to one or more or to entire group member with introductory message. Users have the option of marking a message as Urgent or Confidential.
Voicemail Groups-Voicemail group feature lets you send the voice message to multiple people or a group of people, e.g. marketing, administration, finance, operation etc. Just dial the number of your group, and leave a message and everyone in the group gets your new message.

Voicemail to Email
You can receive your voicemail as a email via .wav file attached to your email with a few click of mouse without configuration POP3, SMTP, IMAP or Exchange. If available, the callerís name and number are also included in the e-mail subject line.. Voice mail may be forwarded to email on an ad-hoc or continuous basis, giving the user an easy-to-manage unified messaging system.

Hot Desk
With Aztech Solutionís Hot desk feature your employees will have their extension and voicemails following them from desk to desk. This feature is useful when you have more employees in your office than desk and phones.

Our product comes with multiple audio channels and can play different audio to different class of caller on hold. By uploading an MP3 file using web control panel, your caller will hear your favorite tune while on hold. Administrators can upload an audio file (.wav file containing music, advertising, promo, etc.) onto the system to be broadcast to held parties. This service can also be used in conjunction with the other services like Call Hold, and Call Park.

You can customize different messages at a different time or even entire different call menu for weekends or holidays. Create a scheduler and apply it and it will make your phone work for you in your absence.

Paging / Parking
This feature supports system-wide paging and single phone intercom (check the phone models supporting for paging) or unlimited parking of calls simultaneously.
Call Park- Enables a user to hold a call and to retrieve it from another station within the group. To park a call, a user presses the flash hook and dials the call park feature code. The call is parked and the caller is held. To retrieve the call, the user goes to any phone in the group and dials the call retrieve feature code, followed by the userís extension. The call is retrieved and connected to the retrieving user.
Loudspeaker Paging-Enables users to access an intercom paging system by dialing an extension within the group.

Analog & IP Phones
Our Solution supports all analog and various IP phones. It also supports message waiting indicator on IP phone and on analog phone uses stutter-tone to indicate voicemail waiting. Analog phones support multiple call appearances via call-waiting flash-hook.

Ring-all (Blast Group)
With this feature, one inbound call and it rings all phones, of course the first one to pick gets the call. You can also configure which phones goes to blast group.
Simultaneous Ring(Personal)-Simultaneous Ring enables users to have multiple phones ring simultaneously when any calls are received on their phone number, e.g. calls to a userís desk phone could also ring the userís mobile phone, in case the user is not at his desk. The first phone to be answered is connected.

Call Forwarding
Users can use their personal Web Control Panel to enable call forwarding to either an internal extension or to an external number.
Call Forwarding Selective-Automatically forward your incoming calls to a different phone number with pre-defined criteria, such as the phone number, time of day or day of week, are met.

Name Directory
Once pre-configured by spell-by-last-name one can simply spell first three letters of the partyís last name and it automatically connects to requested extension.

Custom Caller-IDs
You can customize outbound caller-ID, block, reveal or change caller-ID of every extension in office

Calling Group ID
Provide the name and number of the group (or company) for outgoing calls from users in the group, rather than providing the userís own name and number.

When you have more employees than your phone number you can simply assign any incoming call to an employee with just one click of mouse and itís that easy..

With our VoIP enabled network you can save on long distance and international calls. We can provide you low cost and high quality VoIP service. Opt for our VoIP inter-office and intra-office or telecommuters to make communication totally free.

PSTN Fallback
In case of interruption or your Internet service goes down PSTN-Fallback features immediately switches your system into PSTN mode. It can run on PSTN mode only if you desire.

With the help of softphone an employee can still be in touch with his extension number and office while traveling outside the office or between the offices. You can answer your extension from outside you office thru softphone or even cell phone.

Branch Office & Telecommuter Support
By just getting low cost server for each of you office and configuration thru control panel you can link your server and can make free office-to-office calling and call forwarding to any extension in your linked server network via VoIP.

Web Control Panel
Web Control Panel feature comes in two interface (i) administrator to manage remotely and (ii) individual user to manage their personal configurations from remote.

Plug and Play
With pre-configured according to your order it is just a matter of plug and play and your system is up once you plug in your office for the fist time. Before shipping we configure and test at our in-house so that itís just a matter of plug and play at your end.

Powerful Reporting
With the extensive feature of powerful reporting, one can view call logs for all extensions in real time with search and filter parameters from web admin panel. If you are using our VoIP network we can provide real time billing so that you can view how much youíre spending on telephone. With Web User Panel one can look at his call and also can return calls by just clicking on it.

Call Center Capabilities
Enables business groups to set up a basic call center with incoming calls received by a single phone number distributed among a group of users or agents.

Call Intercept
Enables group administrators to intercept calls routed to a non-working internal line with informative announcements and alternate routing options. The service may be assigned to an individual userís phone number (e.g., when he is not in the office) or it can be assigned to all the members of the group.

Call Pickup
This feature enables a user to answer any ringing line within their pick-up group. A pick up group is a group administrator-defined set of users within the group, to which the call pickup feature applies. To pick up a ringing call, a user dials the call pick up feature code. The user is then connected to the caller. If more than one line in the pick up group is ringing, the call that has been ringing the first is answered. Users can also execute call pickup via a web interface.

Hunt Groups
Hunt Groups allow users within a group to be included in a specified sub-group to handle incoming calls received by an assigned Hunt Groups phone number.

Phone Status Monitoring
Ability to monitor the phone status of users within a group (busy, idle, do not disturb).

Call Capacity Management
The Call Capacity Management feature enables service providers to limit the call traffic associated with individual groups by limiting the number of simultaneous calls that can be made to or from a customer premise.

Call Trace
This feature enables a user to request that a call they have received to be automatically traced by dialing a feature access code after the call.

Call Waiting
Answer a call while already on another call.

Speed Dial
Speed Dial 8 and Speed Dial 100 Ė This feature enables users to dial two-digit codes to call up to 100 frequently called numbers. Entry of the two-digit code is preceded by a configurable prefix: 0-9, A-D, *, or # (default). Users can program the numbers in their directory thru web portal, or directly through their phone using the respective feature access code (*75 default).

Full Featured A.C.D. (for call centers only)
Automatic Call Distribution (A.C.D.) allows you to route incoming calls to your Users/Agents in many ways like first to pick gets the call, ring who has fewest calls or least recently called, ring in order/memory, ring one person at a time or ring a random person, etc. The GUI has a separate window for monitoring and managing the ACD queues. This shows the number of agents on duty and available, the number of unanswered calls in the queue, and the average and maximum wait times. The current status of these statistics is shown, along with a rolling average over several time periods.

Unlimited Call Queues (for call centers only)
You can extensively manage your call queues, priorities call of user/agent, personalized audio announcement; hold time limits so that the caller does not remain in your queue for long time, assign length of time before the same person is called again, setting caller limit to keep the queue volume manageable. Each queue comes with a variety of options:

Skills-based Routing (for call centers only)
You can assign queue of call according to your priority i.e pass on more call to your star performer and less to under performer. It also has additional layer of prioritization based on agent order so that you can have similarly skilled agents who receive calls in an ordered round-robin fashion.

Graphical Queue Reports (for call centers only)
You can view complete graphic based reporting like abandoned calls, completed calls, hold time, average call length, agent productivity, etc. and at the same time view the graphs of call completion on hourly and weekly basis.

Agent Call Recording /Monitoring / Barge-In (for call centers only)
With this feature you can choose an agent, and select a number of calls to record and will then record this specified number of calls and automatically stop recording when the limit is reached. Call center supervisors and managers may monitor calls, and may optionally record calls, or barge in to calls "on-the-fly" as needed. When monitoring calls, other supervisors and managers can see at a glance on the graphical user interface which calls are already being monitored. With call recording, management may record all calls on a per user basis, or they may start and stop recording during specific calls. With call "barge-in," supervisors may easily join a call in progress to lend advice or clarification.

Multiple Auto-Attendants (for call centers only)
Multiple Auto-Attendants feature directs calls to a different numbers for different departments.

Upload Voice Prompts (for call centers only)
This feature gives you the ability to upload highly professional pre-recorded voice prompts when simple recordings from your phone (Standard Edition) just won't do.

Alarm Limits (for call centers only)
The call center manager or supervisor can set alarm limits so they will be instantly notified when the number of calls in the ACD queue exceeds a specified limit, or when the average wait time is greater than the defined limit.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) (for call centers only)
Computer Telephony Integration is the ability of the phone system to interact with the company or employee computer system(s). An IP-based phone system is particularly well suited for CTI. Aztech Solutionís Phones uses CTI to communicate with Windows, Linux and UNIX applications.

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