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In the digital age, companies depend on computerized systems as the most effective and convenient solution to the storage and retrieval of information. Yet despite this reliance, surprisingly little thought is spared to the impact of losing information, or of allowing unauthorized access to information.

Any business or operation that uses computers to store data will probably agree that the value of their stored information far exceeds the capital costs of the equipment Ė but how many have actually implemented adequate security measures?

This blithe attitude to information security means that many organizations are left vulnerable to attack or exploitation from sources both internal and external. That is why it is essential to adopt a rigid network security policy and implement robust security measures throughout your company.

Do you know....

Most of the businesses have suffered at least one premeditated or malicious security incident, i.e. an event that could cause catastrophic damage to the business, such as an Internet attack.

The average cost to an SME of dealing with a serious security incident is roughly $10,000. The costs to larger businesses are much greater.

It takes 29 per cent of businesses between two and ten person/days to respond to their worst incident, but some businesses have security incidents that take more than 50 person/days to address.

But itís not just competitors or disgruntled staff that companies need to secure against. Many Cyber Criminals are opportunistic, scanning the Internet for vulnerable systems and attacking indiscriminately. These hackers take the easiest and most convenient route and exploit both well known and newly found flaws with the most effective (and widely available) attack tools.

Cyber Criminals prey on organizations that fail to take a pro-active approach to network security, and itís these organizations who invariably suffer (sometimes disastrous) data losses.

So, in short:

Take information security seriously

Adopt a rigid network security policy

Implement robust security measures throughout your company

.....And donít give Cyber Crime a chance.

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