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As enterprise storage requirements continue to expand, IT managers are looking to effectively manage more data, and more types of data, over a longer lifecycle. Governance and compliance issues, along with commercial drivers such as internal service levels, require a planned, enterprise-wide approach to data management.

What is ILM?

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) refers to comprehensively managing enterprise data from the time it is initially created, through its lifecycle until the data becomes obsolete and is discarded.

The goal of any Information Lifecycle Management strategy is to ensure data is continuously reassessed throughout its entire lifecycle while keeping storage management costs under control.

Why Invest in ILM?

ILM is an organization-wide process, encompassing all of the people and processes contributing to an organizationís data flows. The time value of data is a critical concept in understanding ILM, each piece or subset of data will follow an individual path through the various stages of the process, from the initial data capture and immediate use of via primary storage through to archiving and eventual deletion.

Legislative and regulatory changes in the US, Europe and other countries worldwide are prompting enterprises to use the ILM approach to meet critical governance and compliance issues.

The ILM approach evaluates, categorizes and locates data throughout its lifecycle, allowing information to be retrieved quickly and cost-effectively at any point.

ILM Benefits

  • Easier management-enterprise-wide policies consistently applied allow IT managers to effectively manage the flows of information within an organization over the entire lifecycle.
  • Governance and compliance-the ILM enterprise wide approach to data management can be used to implement critical IT governance and compliance requirements.
  • Reduce storage TCO-ILM can decrease total cost of ownership by maximizing storage utilization and enforcing data best practices.

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