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Indoor radio systems are similar in design to tunnel radio systems, and guarantee radio transmission from the roof down into the basement
Modern construction materials such as reinforced concrete and the size of buildings frequently interrupt the flow of communications and, in turn, the possibility to maintain radio connections both inside and outside a building. In addition, IT equipment and networks can also have a negative impact
Aztech Solutions has developed an indoor radio system that meets these unique requirements and guarantees radio communications in all areas of a building through a unique combination of beaming cables, antennas and free field equipment. It is also designed to meet the specific needs of fire departments. These indoor radio systems combine standardized modules to meet the individual needs of customers, and allow operators to realize the best results for their clients.
The radio transmission range of the site is determined with modern field strength measurement systems, and forms the basis for specific planning. The indoor radio system consists of radio equipment with a power supply and controls, the antennas (a combination of fixed antennas and beaming cables), and one or more control fields. The radio signals are fed into special antennas – so-called beaming cables – over base stations that contain sending and receiving equipment as well as controls. The beaming cables are coaxial cables with openings in the outer conductor, through which the cable uncouples the electromagnetic waves in a building. The equipment is activated in an emergency by a special control field or turned on automatically when a fire alarm is triggered.
Aztech Solutions provides consulting, customized planning and project design through start-up and approval procedures with local fire departments and experts, and also guarantees reliable operations with regular maintenance.

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