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Forestry and federal parks fall under the realm of government protection and licensing. These outposts maintain communications across a vast geography. Keeping up to date with modern technology terrifically enhances rescue, fire fighting operations and many other related organized relief efforts.

Aztech Solutions also offers many other government related solutions in the telecom sector from foreign affairs and embassy communications across the globe to providing educational communications links into some of the most remote locations in North America.

Check out our Satrad Product for your PTT needs, or our VSAT offerings for your connectivity requirement

Goverment Users Communication Solutions
  • Emergency military
  • Air forces
  • Law enforcement
  • Security
  • Administrative personnel
  • Negotiation teams
  • Embassy officials
  • Operatives in hazardous locations
  • Secure communications
  • Field reporting and coordination
  • Office-to-field, field-to-office, and field-to-field
  • Backup communications
  • Contact your employees anywhere
  • Voice, voice mail, call-forwarding
  • Email, paging, web access, and file transfer
  • Fax and enhanced messaging

Contact us today, and arrange a meeting with our communication professionals to talk about your specific requirements.

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