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Aztech Solutions provides high bandwidth broadband connectivity for seafaring vessels. These solutions are ideal for those who need Internet connectivity at sea.

Under the GMDSS, all cargo ships of 300 gross registered tones and upwards and all passenger ships engaged on international voyages must be equipped with radio equipment that conforms to international standards as set out in the system. The basic concept is that search and rescue authorities ashore, as well as shipping in the immediate vicinity of the ship in distress, will be rapidly alerted through satellite and terrestrial communication techniques so that they can assist in a co-ordinated search and rescue operation with the minimum of delay.

Aztech Solutions’s provides the Thrane Capsat® GMDSS solution which complies fully with Inmarsat CN 114 specifications and the latest IMO standards. This extremely compact and power-conserving solution is easy to install even where space is at a premium. The solution comprises a message terminal, an antenna, a transceiver, a printer, and a power supply.

  • The TT-3020C SOLAS/GMDSS Transceiver is your ultimate choice for global Inmarsat- C mobile communication. It offers fast and reliable connections to any fax and data subscriber worldwide and/or directly to another Capsat® unit.
  • The TT-3606E Message Terminal consists of a flat display and full alphanumeric keyboard. 12 back-lit soft keys permit easy and fast operation while the 10.4" high-resolution flat panel display ensures clear and straightforward operation in any light conditions. The Message Terminal handles data, e-mail, fax, and telex communication.
  • The TT-3005M Capsat® Maritime Antenna is omni-directional and integrates Inmarsat-C and GPS in one single unit. Fully sealed, extremely powerful, compact and lightweight - yet with a message capacity of up to 32 Kb. The advanced antenna ensures trouble-free operation down to -15 degress of elevation. The TT-3005M Antenna ensures the best possible performance and reliability even in extreme weather conditions.

Product Details:

  • Thrane SAILOR MF/HF 250W
  • Thrane SAILOR System 4000 150W MF/HF Class E
  • Thrane TT-3005M Maritime Antenna - Inmarsat C
  • Thrane TT-3020C SOLAS/GMDSS Transceiver - Inmarsat C
  • Thrane TT-3026D Non-SOLAS Maritime Distress
  • Thrane TT-3028CM Dual Mode Transceiver - Inmarsat C & Mini-M
  • Thrane TT-3042C Alarm/Distress Box - Inmarsat C
  • Thrane TT-3042D GMDSS Remote Alarm
  • Thrane TT-3606E Message Terminal
  • Thrane TT-3608A Hard Copy Printer
  • Thrane TT-3608G Remote Printer
  • Thrane TT-3626CM GMDSS Dual Mode Cradle
  • Thrane TT-3680B Power Supply GMDSS
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Optional Accessories

  • TT-3608A Hard Copy Printer- This unit is designed for direct connection to the TT-3020C Transceiver in order to ensure that all EGC and safety messages are printed without delay.
  • TT-3680B Power Supply - This unit drives the entire Capsat® Fishery System. Emergency batteries also ensure continued operation by automatic switch-over in case of a mains power failure.
  • TT-3042D Remote Alarm/EGC Printer-When the red button is pressed, a distress alert is sent to the nearest search and rescue authority. Printouts of incoming messages can also be obtained from the Remote Alarm.
  • TT-3042C Remote Alarm/Distress Box This unit features both visual and audio alarm functions indicating incoming EGC distress messages. The Remote Alarm increases safety at sea by enabling a distress alert to be sent from multiple locations on board the vessel.
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