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VoIP Calling Card Solution

Many long-distance callers around the world pay high rates for long-distance calls. Aztech Solutions Turnkey VoIP Calling Card solutions offer these callers lower cost international calling, while providing everything you need to quickly generate revenue from a calling card business.

The Calling Card System requires the following:

A VoIP Management System with:

  • Calling Card Module
  • Soft phone License(h323 softphone or SIP softphone)
  • Web Server
  • Database Server
  • Application Server
  • Billing Software Installation

Product Overview

1.Calling Card Billing Database Server Software

2.VoIP Application Server Software

3.Web server and Interfaces

Benefits: A Triple (AAA) Solution- Authorization, Authentication, Accounting

      1.Authorization via direct online pin/password access
      2.Authentication of VoIP equipment and traffic
      3.Accounting tools via CDRs and related information

With your purchase of the Enhanced VoIP Solution you will receive

  • Web-based registration for clients and resellers
  • The ability to offer clients a unique secure login
  • The ability to manage accounts
  • The ability to offer multiple rates, packages, and subscriptions
  • Training on the customer interface and administration
  • Custom IVR Functions for dial-in, support, recharging, and use of the system in general
  • User Account Info
  • Calling Plan Info
  • CDRs
  • Transaction Log & Recharge Center
  • Search Accounts
  • Suspend Accounts
  • Recharge Accounts
  • List Accounts based on parameters specified, such as dates
  • Individual Account Details Screen
  • Change Data
  • PIN Activation for Calling Cards and ATA accounts
  • Reporting Tools
  • Country Code Listing and Rates A-Z
  • Customer Support Center

Technical Data Features

  • SIP/H323
  • Rates are definable for different group of buyers/users
  • Online balance and CDR queries.
  • Scalability Available via server cluster (daisy chain and load balancing

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