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BGAN Custom Enclosures

Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) terminals provide high speed Internet data connectivity (up to 492 Kbps), voice communications, SMS text messaging and fax capabilities for mobile or remote workers or SCADA/telemetry applications. Aztech Solutions provides a variety of custom enclosures for different user scenarios and operating environments.

BGAN Mobile Kit

The Mobile Kit includes a weatherproof hard shell case with custom foam inserts designed to house the BGAN terminal, a spare battery, a cigarette lighter adapter, an analog phone, a pole/magnetic mount kit and cabling. The Mobile Kit is an effective solution for mobile workers, DR/emergency relief situations or scenarios where a BGAN terminal is shared or rotated amongst staff that travel to remote locales.

BGAN Field Service Kit

The Field Service Kit is ideal for oilfield service operations where units are set-up and taken down on a daily basis from job site to job site. The BGAN terminal is mounted in a weather proof enclosure with industrial cabling to a small break-out box. The enclosure and cabling are designed to withstand the harsh operating environment of the oilfield. For ease of use, the enclosure features a swivel-mount bracket which can be set on the ground and allow the user to adjust the BGAN for elevation angles. Additionally, the swivel-mount bracket enables the entire enclosure to be mounted on an industrial tripod. This keeps the BGAN visible on the job site to avoid inadvertent damage. An optional sensor-based heater can be added for environments below -20C.

BGAN Fixed Installation Kit

The CPN Fixed Installation Kit is a pole mount, weather proof kit specifically designed to accommodate the Thrane Explorer 500 BGAN terminal. The unit can be installed outdoors permanently in any weather condition making it an ideal solution for SCADA/telemetry applications, offshore facilities, a satellite back-up emergency system or for transferring data or video from a remote site. The Fixed Installation Kit can be installed up to 75m away from your site equipment and the breakout box offers a DC input, a Phone/Fax interface (RJ-11) and LAN interface. An optional heating module with built-in automatic temperature sensor is available as an option.

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