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Aztech Solutions provides a variety of solutions for Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) tracking. Our depth of experience in satellite communications allows us to integrate a solution for your specific needs. We leverage a variety of satellite technologies to address your needs for geographic coverage and location reports, and optionally for operational performance monitoring and integration with dispatching systems.

Aztech Solutions solutions provide:

  • GPS lat/long tracking
  • LSD tracking
  • OBD-II Interfaces for vehicle engine bus information
  • Speed, course, altitude
  • PTO & Idle time
  • Emergency alarms, panic buttons
  • Messaging for both free form text or programmed messages
  • Scheduled, event-driven and demand polling for status

Product Details:

  • EMS PDT-100
  • Globalstar Axonn AXTracker
  • Globalstar GSP-1620 Data Modem
  • Iridium 9601-DGS
  • Orbcomm Communicators
  • Skywave DMR-200
  • SkyWave SureLinx 8100
  • Thrane TT-3002L Microcap Mobile Antenna - Inmarsat C
  • Thrane TT-3005L Land Mobile Antenna - Inmarsat C
  • Thrane TT-3026LM EasyTrack
  • Thrane TT-3606C Message Satellite Terminal
  • Thrane TT-3606E Message Terminal
Contact us today, and find out more about Aztech Solutions products and solutions.

Depending upon your coverage requirements we provide solutions that utilize the Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar, MSAT & Orbcomm satellite networks.

Contact Aztech Solutions to discuss your requirements and the most appropriate solution for your AVL needs

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